Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Birthday Boy

Even though today is Andrew's actual birthday, we celebrated with a party last Saturday. The festivities actually began on Thursday night when Eric, Kari and the kids arrived. Once Friday rolled around I literally spent all day making and decorating 4 dozen cupcakes and Andy's cake. Well, I did a few other things too. . . prepared the party favors (for both kids and adults), the party games for the adults, and all the other "stuff" that needs to get done when you are having a houseful of people.

Andy was so good for his party! He was great with having so many people around and was just Mr. Personality. The older kids were swimming, but the little ones played in the house since it was so hot. Click below to see some of the pictures from the party, as well as some of the portraits I had taken on Monday.

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Oh, and the adult favors (well, for almost everyone really) were really cute. See?

There were Hershey chocolate bars hidden in there. A bit of work to put them together, but totally cute. I just couldn't resist!
Today we are having just a little family celebration after B gets home from work. This is really fun. I can't believe it's been a whole year since we first met this little guy.
Once Andy wakes up from his nap I will take his 12 month picture with his bear. I'd also like to take a picture of B's hand with him! Tomorrow Andy has his 1 year old well baby visit, so we'll get a weight check then. In the picture above he was just 6 pounds and 18 inches long.

Oh! What a day! I'm just a giant, teary mess!


  1. There is so much joy in reading this!

  2. Happy Birthday Andy!! I'm glad it has been such a wonderful first birthday for all of you!

  3. Happy birthday Andy!

    The cake & cupcakes are super cute, you did a great job.

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    By the way, just catching up on reading. I love the picture of him at the bottom of the stairs in your 'name' blog. And as far as confessions go, I have done the exact same thing with my pots and pans. I just can't handle washing everything everytime he gets into them. I just give them a good rinse before cooking.

  5. Happy Happy birthday Andy! You did a fantastic job!