Saturday, June 13, 2009

Simply Spectacular Summer

Arizona is known for being a pretty miserably hot place during the summer. That being said, this summer has been truly delightful so far. Our temperatures have been unseasonably low, in the upper 90's, barely reaching 100. I can hear your groans now. Really, upper 90's is truly comfortable here. Yes, it's warm, but it's not HOT. Our humidity is so low here that 90's are really comfortable. Our evenings are wonderful and it's downright intoxicating to be outdoors at night. We have been making the best of our backyard pool. The water temperature is in the high 80's, which is just perfect! B was off work yesterday so we had some unexpectedly extra family time. We enjoyed lunch on the patio, enjoying our nused (new to us, but used) table and chairs. When B's grandparents moved a couple of weeks ago they let us have their patio table and chairs, which we liked better than what we had. I went shopping and replaced all of the seat cushions and I'm really happy with our nused set.
After lunch settled we enjoyed a mid-afternoon swim with Andrew, who really likes the water. See that dark blue swim shirt he's wearing? Well, I really should have washed it before its first use. Why? Because upon removing it from Andrew after our swim I found myself to be the momma of a baby smurf. Yup, Andrew turned blue everywhere that the shirt touched.

After swimming (well, really just splashing around) and a sudsy, scrubby bath I had my baby back from smurfdom. Andrew conked out for about a 2 hour nap with his floppy puppy. This is how I found him in his crib. It's OK, you can say it . . . . AWWWWWW

When Andrew woke up we had a light, and WW approved supper and went downtown to attend the Diamondbacks game. It was a perfectly beautiful night for a baseball game! The roof was open on the stadium and it was completely heavenly. Andrew was his usual charming self chatting up a storm with everyone in our row, and the row below us and the rows above us. All in all, a picture perfect summer family day.
Just so you know, I'm really looking forward to monsoon season, which starts about a month from now. I just love watching the storms roll in during the late afternoon and I delight in the heavy rain and all that comes along with it.


  1. Awww! He looks so divine in his sleep! Looks like you guys had a perfect day together!

    ♥ Chaitra

  2. Sounds like a perfect day! I love sleeping pictures, little ones just look so peaceful when they are asleep.

  3. That's so funny about the shirt, and I type this as V is snuggled with his floppy sheep next to me :)

  4. Nice table. Looking forward to sitting at it (hopefully in July)? :D

  5. What a great summer day!