Sunday, April 26, 2009

Loose Ends and Stuff

I've realized (thanks to some phone calls and emails) that I really need to follow up on a few things that I've posted recently. I tend to post about whatever is in the forefront of my somewhat cluttered mind. The proper thing to do would be to follow up once something else happens, however, by the time some sort of resolution pans out it seems as though there is some other burning issue to occupy my aforementioned somewhat cluttered mind. So, I'll attempt to fill in some holes here.

First of all, my dad's surgery went very well. Surgeons removed a very gangrenous gall bladder just in the nick of time on Friday. Unfortunately, while he was actually still in surgery, a representative from their current home health company found my mom and cancelled their service. Again. So, my dad will be in the hospital until a suitable home health company can be contracted.

The April 15th deadline for teacher layoffs came and went and didn't directly affect me. However, contracts aren't expected to even be offered until May 15th. It should be interesting to see what is presented. We are hearing that pay cuts up to 12% are being considered by the school governing board. Oh, and class sizes are expected to go up to 40. The thought of 40 third graders for 12% less pay is really pretty sickening. I'm really trying not to think about it right now.

The book I was going to read the weekend B was otherwise occupied with Nascar and his California buddies? Well, it didn't happen. General life just got in the way. For one, I took Andrew to his little friend Addie's first birthday party. Aren't they cute? Notice that Addie is 3 months older than Andrew, yet he out-chubs her by a pound.

Andrew also got to do some swinging with his friend Ryann. He really liked being on a swing that doesn't require batteries.
Andrew has also been trying to get the hang of transitioning from carpet swimming to crawling. Unfortunately, he gets about this far, then falls flat and continues carpet swimming and rolling.

Our bath time routine has morphed from the island in the kitchen to our bathroom. It's great for Andrew to be able to splash more, but it's much rougher on our knees, despite the little foam knee pad.
My little Bug-a-Boo loves, loves, loves each and every mealtime. Here's his happy, happy face, showing off his 8 teeth. Little Bug is smiley like this all day long, with few exceptions.
And this last face? Well, let's just call it like it is. It's his poopin' face. I see it towards the end of nearly every meal. Apparently this makes him sort of happy too.
I think this just about sums up the latest happenings and worries in my life and mind. Next time I'll share Andrew's nine month pictures. Nine months old!!!! Can you believe it?


  1. Hi,I just found your blog today.And I think its great!Your son is soooo cute!!I am going to follow your blog now.

    Do come and visit me sometimes here-

  2. 9 months already!?! OMG. I love that poopin face.

  3. Yay Andrew pics!! He is just too adorable. Love the picture of him getting ready to crawl. He is already turning into such a handsome man.

    I hope things sort themselves out for your Dad very soon.

  4. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Glad everything went OK with your dad's surgery. OMG!! Little A...I just want to pinch him and kiss him and squeeze him... he is soooo adorable! Love the latest pics! BTW, he will probably be full up crawling very soon. Courtney got to that point and then she seemed to take off from there! Now she is climbing all over stuff but not walking yet(thankgod!!!!!) lol.
    Miss you guys!

  5. I seriously get teary eyed when I see how big he is getting and HOW DAMN CUTE HE IS!!! My word, you are a very blessed lady!

    I am glad to hear your dad's surgery went well and praying for a good contract!

  6. Glad your dad's surgery went well and I'll continue thinking of you all.

    Your little guy is just adorable!

  7. Anonymous4:38 PM

    40 kids!!! I thought that 25 for our 1st grade class was bad. I hope that works out better for you all there.

    I love the pictures of Andrew. Keep them coming.

    I am glad the surgery went well. I hope he is home again soon.


  8. this child is just too cute!

    Sosorry about your dad's health care.

    40 kids ..... 40 kids ....... WOW 40 kids, and then less pay?! How horrible. I am sorry

  9. Jim says that the Doctor can write a script for Home Health once your dad is discharged from the hospital. If you need more info - call and JB can splain. He does that all the time - splain that is. :) Buggy Boo is too cute! Thanks for sharing the pics.