Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shamelessly Showing Off

A huge thanks to those of you who took the time to comment on my last post and offer so ideas about Andrew's wacky night time antics. I really appreciate all of the ideas and I think I'll be able to be more relaxed about things tonight if it continues.

Andrew had his 6 month birthday last week. To mark the occasion I had his pictures taken again. This time I had my mom with me in hopes that I could keep my spending under control. However, my plan was fatally flawed. Andrew's extreme cuteness, combined with his grandma's oohing and ahhing was no match for my already well known weakness when it comes to buying pictures of my boy. Oh well, when you see some of the results you will agree with me that they were worth every penny.

I should also mention that this was a totally impromptu visit to the portrait studio. I had the day off from school due to the MLK holiday, Andrew was having a good day between the first and second illness, and the eczema on his face was particularly clear that day. I didn't have an outfit planned for him and as we ran out the house to go to the doctor I just grabbed his little overalls, not even sure if they still fit him anymore.

This picture is so totally my little Andy-Pants! (Yes, that's one of my nick names for him. I don't know what it means or where it came from, it just happened one day and stuck.) This is his little personality all over the place.
My little Munchie-Boy is also so completely into his hands. He's always touching them and admiring them. Love, love, love this picture, which is why I bought like 400 of them!

OK, now we are back to my handiwork. Here he is with his bear again.

And lastly, B is home with Andrew one day during the week. And on this one day it is solely B's responsibility to get the boy dressed. This is how Andrew was dressed when B took him to the doctor for his 6 month visit yesterday.


  1. He is totally rocking that KISS shirt!

    I wouldn't have gotten out of that photo place spending less than a million dollars.
    I'm dying from all the cuteness!

  2. OMG those pictures ROCK!!! How adorable! His little personality is shiningn through. Love them!

  3. Gosh! Look at that cute boy!!! It would have been hard for me not to buy all the prints available!

    Love the KISS shirt!

  4. Oh how cute he is!!!! I love the KISS shirt!

  5. Wow, he is such a little model!

  6. Brenda from CA10:14 AM

    What a total Cutie-Pie!!! Super-duper, sugary-sweet cuteness in Andrew!! :o)

  7. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Where did you get a KISS shirt in his size.? It's cute. I love the overall pictures. I am a bad picture buyer too. I love all of the prints and can't get enough of them, but my mom was worse than I ever could be. She even bought a picture of Samantha crying uncontrollably alone and with her brothers. Nice memory but horrible pictures. I guess they are only young once. Believe me as they get older they aren't as cute (the pictures I mean) so get all you can when they are young.

  8. Great portraits! I can see why you bought 400 of the 3rd adorable. And I cracked up at the last photo...I can just imagine what the nurses thought :)