Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Love Fall

Fall here in the Valley of the Sun is quite the happy time. Temperatures have started to drop. But even more happily, ice has formed and the Coyotes have taken it over. No, I'm not hallucinating and we aren't having any freakish weather patterns. Rather, hockey has resurrected after the summer break. And that makes me a very, very, very happy camper.

We have season tickets for the Coyotes and last night was the first home game of the pre-season. OK, they lost, which we have totally come to expect from the Coyotes, but that is OK. My favorite guy scored a goal, won a fight, and roughed up a ref so really it was a good night for me.

It was also a good night for Andrew. He loved all of the lights and did lots of looking around. Then he crashed and slept through the last 2 periods of the game. That's OK though, since he'll have lots of opportunity to see more hockey. We go again tomorrow night . . . .


  1. Look at you! Love it

  2. Already aiming to be a hockey mom, eh?

    Nice picture! :-)

  3. he looks so cozy!!!

  4. start em young......he is too cute for his own diaper!!!
    So what book did your DH decide to go with???sam

  5. Looks like a fun night! :) I'm jealous!

  6. You look fabulous in that photo. And it's not just the kid in your arms:-)