Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What a Trip!

While in Alaska we were seemingly constantly on the go. One of our first big day trips took us to Exit Glacier. We weren't exactly sure what we could expect, but the visit to this glacier was sort of sandwiched between two other destinations of the day. However, because we are a bunch of thinkers, we decided to fuel up with lunch before beginning our hike. Either fortunately, or unfortunately, depending upon how you look at it, we didn't have any bear sightings during lunch.

The appeal of going to this particular glacier was the draw of being able to get up close and personal to it, even being able to touch it (despite the signs warning of danger if you do). We had heard from the rangers that it was an easy hike, and everyone would be able to do it. We knew that there would be small "rivers" to cross, but that previous visitors had laid out stepping stones. It seemed doable, until we came to a river that looked impossible to cross without at least a few people getting very wet feet. None of us were prepared with extra dry clothes and shoes, so we decided to head back and try to take a different trail. This was a very disappointing time, especially for one of B's nephews who had really been looking forward to touching a real, live glacier. Luckily, we found another trail and made our ways across some very manageable rivers, only getting a little splashed.

Here we stood gazing at the glacier, listening to all the little tinkling sounds of small pieces of ice breaking off.

Finally! Touching the glacier! OK, I didn't exactly touch it, I just pretended to so that I didn't get into trouble since the signs said not to touch it.

Hiking back across the "rivers" B carried his own stepping stone, just in case. Even though he looked really funny carrying around his rock like, I don't know, a precious baby, it did come in handy at one point, and that was the last we saw of the rock.

All in all, I think it was one of the most fun parts of the day. I'll share more photos and stories over the coming days as I attempt to distract myself from our soon to arrive baby!


  1. Welcome home! I would love a scrapping day!

  2. wow look how pretty! That must have been a fun hike

  3. WOW!! How incredible! Thanks for sharing your ventures with us. Awesome pics!!!

  4. You are having a baby!!! Sorry Hard to contain my excitement still. The Alaska trip looks amazing. I am glad you guys had an amazing trip.

  5. Looks like fun! Can't wait to see you again!