Monday, July 14, 2008

Lessons Learned at 68 MPH

I know that I wrote about my scrapbooking weekend up in the mountains a few weeks ago, but I didn't tell of something that happened along the way. Actually, I left it out of the story because I was really sort of hoping that nothing would come of it. I was driving that day, as my SUV would be able to handle the extremely rough 2 mile dirt road leading to the property. My friend, Heather, was in the car with me and we were following the other carload of girls. We had about a 90 minute drive and I had absolutely no idea where we were going so I was keeping a really close eye on the SUV ahead of us and doing all I could do to keep up. We had been on this one highway for quite a while and as we neared our destination I caught a flash of bright light off to my right. I took my eyes off the car ahead of me in time to see a second flash of light and recognize all of the photo enforcement equipment at the side of the road. The great state of Arizona generates revenue by using photo enforcement to ticket speeders on state and city roads. I knew I was going less than 70mph, but I was completely unsure of what the speed limit was on that area of open road. Two days later, when heading home I learned that the speed limit there was 55, having just changed from 65.

So it really wasn't a surprise when, upon returning from Alaska, I found a speeding ticket in the mail along with a demand for $190. (Oh, and my partner in crime, the other driver, received a ticket as well.) However, I was offered a choice. For a mere $130 I could attend traffic school for four hours instead of paying the ticket. It sounded good to me, since right now I have more time than money. Well, sort of. Does it seem like I have lots of free time right now as we get ready to have a real live baby in the house? Anyhow, I served my time in traffic school this past Saturday.

I'd like to share a few of the mighty useful things I learned:
  • Nobody in Arizona has the right of way, however, everyone has the responsibility to yield, except if you are on the freeway, in which case it is every man for himself.
  • Phoenix is the red-light-running capital of the country. Yup, the #1 city in the country.
  • 1/3 of Arizona drivers DON'T have car insurance.
  • Dogs need to be tied down in the back of pick up trucks. Children do not.

Pretty awesome, huh?


  1. I am SO sorry you got stuck with a traffic ticket...ugh! And then to sit through traffic school on top of it...gee, how lucky can a girl get??

  2. I got a speeding ticket for over 400 dollars in oregon once, so now I never fill up with gas in oregon, in the state before (wa or Id) or after Ca. Never oregon until I recop that 400 $ which will take a life time since I never travel that way. hehe

  3. Umm, sounds like driving in Quebec. Or Alberta. Especially the bit about the dogs!

  4. Your blog makes me laugh. Pretty supportive comment, eh?

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  6. so true!

    I think DH could TEACH traffic school, he's been so many times :P

    We're off to Prescott tonight-we'll watch out for the cameras!