Monday, June 16, 2008


So how, exactly, has it been a week already since I have posted?!?!

**Most of last week was spent at my parent's house hanging out with my Dad while my Mom was in Omaha visiting my Grandma. We didn't really get out and do much other than going to the movies and running some errands. Yet somehow the days were busy and passed quickly.

**Thursday was my first day back at my house and I had two kids over for tutoring in the morning then spent the rest of the time cleaning, shopping and going to the gym.

**Friday found me back at school. What? It's summer! Yes, it is, which means that it was time to get my classroom painted. Ugh! What a job that was! However, I expected it would take me two days to complete it, but I managed to get it all done on Friday. This means I really am on vacation now. It also meant that I was incredibly sore from the acrobatics required to paint in a room with really high ceilings and big, tall cabinets to reach over. Some of the low lights of the day included unearthing a cricket graveyard and a live spider's nest. Ick. That's what I get for moving file cabinets and bookcases. The upside of things is that the room looks great and I won't have to do it at the end of July when it is 10 degrees hotter and way more humid.

**Saturday was a day to hang out with my mom while Brian worked. We went shopping and had lunch so all in all it was a good day.

**Yesterday we slept in until the unconscionable hour of 10:00. And it was wonderful! At noon I went for a massage, which was really nice since I was still sore from painting on Friday. When I got home I had a quick lunch before hopping in the pool with Brian for a swim. After that my parents came over. We visited, ordered in pizza for dinner, and played Scene It. All in all it was a pretty good day.

**It has been hot, hot, hot here, but that's OK because it just means that our pool has been extra heavenly. We have been spending lots of time playing and relaxing in the pool. Like every day. Like I plan my showers around when I know I want to be swimming. It has been absolutely wonderful to float around on our noodles and soak up some sun. We won't even be using our pool covers anymore this season because the water temperature has reached 90 degrees. One of the best things is that after 3 years we have pretty much acclimated to the heat. It was 116 degrees yesterday and it didn't even bother us, it was just a nice summer day.

**Today has me doing some chores around the house after this mornings tutoring session. Actually, lots of chores, like paying bills and doing laundry. Ick. My two least favorite things to do. Then I'll go to the gym and reward myself after with a nice swim in the backyard.

So what are you doing to enjoy the summer weather?


  1. Ugh. I think I would completely melt in 116!!! I feel like crawling up and dying when it hits 90 here. Sounds like you had a nice couple of days though!

  2. That's pretty cool you get to paint your own classroom! I don't think we would have been able to do that. Sounds like you've been enjoying your vacation! We're filling ours with road trips and weddings galore. :)

  3. Anonymous12:29 PM

    You had to paint your own classroom?

  4. 116 degrees?!? We had a heat wave in NYC last week and it was unbearable. Thankfully it is back in the 70s this week. We are heading back to Cape Cod again this summer for July 4th week and then again in August. Cant wait! I remember you mentioned growing up in CT so I know you know how great the Cape is! Any summer trips planned for you guys?

  5. I wish we had a pool! I'm jealous.

    I can't believe you had to paint your own classroom. I guess I always thought the custodians or a special crew did that. Teachers do a lot more than I ever realized.

  6. As for the painting of the classroom, if I didn't do it I would have to put up with beat up, grungy, white walls. Now I have 2 pretty blue walls. The other two are bulletin board walls and don't need paint.

    I do remember Cape Cod well, and I'm very jealous that you get to go! We have a trip coming up to Alaska to visit Brian's family.

    It's true what they say about Arizona . . . it's a "dry heat" so it really isn't as bad as it sounds. I mean, it's hot, but at least we aren't drippy and sweaty and gross.

  7. Can you believe I actually miss the Arizona heat? I know it sounds crazy...but trust me, it is much better than the humidity & heat I am in now!

    I love, love, love swimming! That's probably my favorite thing about summer :)

    Thanks for the advice on the third graders...I am really excited! :)

  8. katedaphne7:32 PM

    It's amazing how you adjust to the heat, isn't it? I lived in the far north all my life but moving to FLorida was a dream. I can totally take the heat now, and if it ever does seem warm, I just congratulate myself that it isn't as bad as February in Michigan!

    Love that you're spending so much time in the pool. Mom and I decided on the way home from the gym this evening that we are going to figure out exercises we can do in the pool so we can be outside instead of in that sticky, smelly gym!

  9. Wow you had to paint the classroom yourself? Sounds like you have been busy! NCLM

  10. Sure stinks that teachers have to paint their own classrooms. Did you have to buy the paint too? Well I sure wish that we had a pool--- it doesn't get too hot here in sonoma county very often but when it does it is hard to bear without A.C. and/or a pool. LUCKY !!!

  11. Did you have to paint your own classroom? that sucks!!

    Enjoy your pool!!! I'm just hoping that we get 2 nice days of weather in a row here on the Canadian East Coast!

  12. I'm with a previous commenter on this...

    You had to paint your own classroom? How does that work?

    I'm envious of your pool! I wish I had a pool at my house, and not just a community pool.

    Keep cool!

  13. to enjoy our summer weather here in WA state, we like (have to) put on a jacket or stay in doors to avoid the rain! how sucky is that?

  14. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I am so completely jealous of your real actual pool!! Good job on the 9 pounds lost and hitting the gym when it is so hot!