Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Theme For Me

I need a theme, or a motto, if you will, to sum up this IVF adventure. As such, I need help. From you folks. How? I need your cleverness, as mine seems to be as dried up as my shriveled up ovaries are reputed to be. I say reputed because I am holding out hope, and lots of it, that they are going to come through for me in the next six weeks. OK, I'm getting a little off target here. Back on track.

I don't want to call this IVF#1 because even though it is, by specifing "#1" that implies that #2, #3 or #4 may be down the road. And that isn't going to happen. And that isn't me just talking trash right now. That is just how it is.

Here are a few thoughts that have crossed my mind:
IVF - Baby or Bust
IVF - Deal or No Deal
IVF - Maybe Mayer

OK, so apparently there are only two ideas that have crossed my mind. This is why I need your help. I'm begging you, please submit your ideas to me, in the comments section. I swear, it's really easy. Just go to the end of this post and click on comments and then do what it says. You don't have to have a blog to do this, and you don't have to sign up for anything. After I get some more ideas I'll list them in another post and open it up for a vote. And, the clever person submitting the winning theme will receive a highly coveted prize. So coveted, in fact, that I can't even mention it here. Coveted, I say!


  1. IVF - I Vill (be) Fertilized :)

    I hope you don't mind me asking, but why are you just doing one round? Is it a cost issue?

  2. When Watson asked for suggestions, I listed some but she didn't use them...feel free to use them:

    IVF#1: Because the 90's are over and I'm bored.

    IVF#1: No "BJ Week" for 9 months


    IVF#1: Spending their college money early

    IVF#1: I don't need no stinkin sex!

    For some way better ones, check out her post and the comments:

  3. I'm not feeling too creative right now and I happen to like Liina's. But how about "IVF-The Next Step".
    Because it's not your LAST resort, it's your next step in this journey. I think this is how I would be thinking of it-- because only G-d knows how it's going to happen, you know?

  4. I like Baby or Bust=) Cute idea!
    And I hope you only need one round...

  5. I think Heather's are funny and I'm not overly creative right now. But I was thinking you could make fun of Britney and call it "The One Where Kfed DIDN'T Impregnate Someone" or make fun of Nicole and call it something about a mission to prove not only anorexics get knocked up.

  6. Going with the game show theme: "Wheel of Fortune," perhaps?

  7. I.V.F Therefore I Am

  8. IVF - Baby on Board or
    baby get on board or
    baby better be on board.

    ok, I'm losing it. They sounded fun before I wrote them down

  9. How about:

    IVF#1 - because catheters are fun!


    IVF#1 - Who doesn't like a shot in the ass?

  10. Warning: I am in a weird mood. Yay for progesterone!


    IVF: Hey! Impreggo My Eggos!

    IVF: Rugrat(Reproductive?)Roulette

    IVF: My Sharps Container Gives Me Mad Street Cred, Yo.

    IVF: Follicle Follies

    IVF: Yeah, we wash our sperm. Like, who doesn't?

    I also like Baby Or Bust.

    I also thought of some movie refs, but Invitro Fertilization: And The Temple Of Doom didn't sound particularly positive.

    Although In Vitro Fertilization And The Sorcerer's Stone is kind of entertaining.

    Holy crap, I wrote a novel. Sorry!

  11. I personally like the "Baby or Bust".