Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Days of our Lives

Despite the title of this post you won't be subjected to any sappy drama, I just couldn't think of a title to sum up the past several days. Actually, I'm having trouble putting too many thoughts together at all because this is my really tired time of day.

Life has been really busy since my last post. Thursday night several of Brian's friends came into town to spend the weekend with us and go to the Nascar race. On Friday I had my first OB appointment and all is well. My next appointment is 2 weeks down the road. So far I am still feeling pretty good. I have a few moments of queasiness throughout the day and a few moments of exhaustion as well. However, no complaints from me! Later on Friday 2 more friends drove out from California and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Brian. I didn't really enjoy the clean up, but the meal was tasty. Afterwards they all headed out to the local dive bar and I went to bed. Saturday was race day, so the guys were occupied with that all day and night. Wendy (one of the wives) and I spent the day shopping from one end of the Valley to the other and we had a great time. On Sunday morning, once 10 gallons of home brewed beer was gone, everyone left to drive back to California.

We did have a bit of a scare this weekend. My Grandma, Inga, in Omaha, fell and wound up in the hospital again. Apparently she suffered a couple of mini-strokes. After several days of testing with not much turning up, she was released back home yesterday. She is feeling better and is really looking forward to her visit here to Phoenix next month. It will be great to have her here!

We also have more good news regarding my Dad. So I don't leave anything out, let me recap some recent developments. He can move most of his fingers on his right hand and can make a pretty good sock puppet movement with his left hand. He can also move his middle finger on his left hand. And he can move toes on both feet. And now for the latest . . . it seems he has some quad muscle control . . . he can move his legs!

Hmmm, what else? I subbed on Monday and have a full load of tutoring this week so that's a good thing. I don't know what's in store for tomorrow yet, except for tutoring. Wait, I think I may be calling Beagle rescue to see if they do pick ups. I'm trying to watch the end of American Idol and this naughty dog is barking at my feet and making a nuisance of herself. Would anyone like to have a beagle?

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