Sunday, September 10, 2006

We Will Never Forget

We Will Never Forget

My dear friend Melanie posted this picture and link on her blog Bloggin With The Blacks and I was so touched by it that I had to steal (borrow) it from her to share with you. I'm sure she won't mind, she's great that way! Please take 5 minutes to click on the "We Will Never Forget" link above. You won't be sorry as you watch this very moving video. It is so hard to believe that this is what we were living 5 years ago. It seems like not even a year ago. Shoot, I can't even believe it has been two weeks since my dad had his accident. Time is screwy like that I guess. Even with all of the sadness of 9/11 we still have much to be thankful for. We live in the greatest country on Earth! People in our country came together in amazing ways during the aftermath. I wish people would remember that so we could get that feeling back. On this day of remembrance please be sure to hug those you love and consider yourselves blessed.

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  1. Chris - I can't take credit because I borrowed from a website myself. But it's nice to know that you were moved by it and wanted to share with your friends and family. Thanks friend, Melanie