Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday's Update

Sorry for the delay in updates here, but things got a little busy. I accepted a 1/2 day sub job yesterday that morphed into a full day job and then when I got home I had two tutoring sessions to round out my day. By the time that was all over we were too tired to head out to the Diamondbacks game so we just stayed in and ordered a pizza and went to bed early.

My Dad has been continuing to improve over the past couple of days. His breathing and coughing are getting better, though he would really like to get rid of the feeding tube. He wants a beer. Who can blame him? He does hours of therapy every day and works very hard. By the evening time he is completely exhausted and ready to sleep. I hear that he has some frustration that the physical therapist isn't doing more work with his legs, however, he has been told that as soon as they can feel him moving his muscles they will begin working his legs. In the meantime, they are going for the biggest bang for the buck by working the muscles that he does have some control over. I have to say, my Dad's attitude is just amazing! His strength is awesome, and he is doing far better in this situation than I would be. We continue to pray for a total recovery. The support my Dad has been getting has been wonderful, please keep it coming! Notes, messages, phone calls and visits really give him a lift, even when he is exhausted. Please consider visiting his CarePage at (look under Bob Kohl) and leaving him a message. Even if you have already done so, please do it again. Speaking for me, as well as the rest of the family, it helps us as well to see all of the love and support heading my Dad's way.

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